King Kevin Goes ¡Hola!

Our real GG (not Godwin Grech), the Queen’s Representative in Australia, had to play second fiddle as our reigning monarch KK officially welcomed his Spanish counterpart King Juan Carlos and his missus to the Wide Brown Land.

Impressing yet again with his flair for foreign languages, our Kev read an hispanic welcome, strutting his stuff as statesman, man-of-the-world and chief diplomat. Poor Malcolm somehow got an invite too, and had to put on a brave face, also playing second fiddle to our Sun King.

Highlight of the Spanish Royals’ visit appears to be the opening of a new Cervantes Institute, for promoting Spanish language & culture hereabouts. Is this a belated attempt (400 years later) to recover lost ground after those early explorers Pedro Fernandez de Quiros and Luis Vaez de Torres passed by our continent? Kev apparently confirmed this in his Spanish phrase.

Cervantes wrote “Tell me thy company, and I’ll tell thee what thou art”.  Hmm?

F. Scott Fitzgerald said that use of exclamation marks is like laughing at your own jokes, so I guess that means Spaniards have a great sense of humour. In any case, ¡Viva Espana! looks decidedly Down Underish.

viva espana

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