Utegate: Tell ‘em they’re dreaming, prego!

Imagine if Kevin Rudd owned TV stations 7, 9 & 10 (and controlled news on ABC & SBS), The Australian & Age newspapers, Australian Consolidated Press and Brisbane Bulldogs rugby league team.

Imagine also that he had been charged with tax fraud, false accounting, attempting to bribe a judge and embezzlement. And that all this had been going on for years, but Kevin was re-elected for a third term. And instead of a one-time visit to a New York strip club, he had a string of liaisons with call girls baying for his blood.

If this boggles the imagination, then check out PM Berlusconi’s track record and latest shenanigans. Yeah I know, this isn’t Italy and I do wonder what Italy’s opposition has to say about it all. But here in our little Aussie battler parliament, Her Majesty’s Opposition spends a week trying to force the PM’s resignation over corruption for accepting the use of an old ute for his election campaign. 

Holden_FJ[1]How shameful for Australia’s image on the international scene to have such a bogan scandal dominate our headlines, particularly as nobody outside of this country has any idea what a ute is. Surely we could find some world class corruption like the AWB Iraq scandal to get serious again.   

Malcolm Turnbull’s miscalculation and naive gamble on Gollum’s hiss and paltry email is pathetic, and the Mad Monk’s defence just compounds a very bad look.

Silvio outguns our entire political class for real style and nonchalance: ‘la bella figura’ incarnate.

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