Return of the Eagle

Well, after an 18 months hiatus triggered off by family bereavement, followed by some distracting travels, laziness and a sense that the world had become fully ‘sick’, in both youth coolspeak and maybe literally, the wedge-tailed eagle (see About) is back.

Actually the place for cutting-edge sarcasm and irony seems to have been taken by mainstream media and real events*. The latest local example is a bunch of semi-trailer truck drivers crossing the country (imagine the carbon foot/roadprint of these behemoths travelling from WA), calling for the Federal government to be removed with its carbon tax, and their form of ‘democracy’ restored.

I think that means putting back the traditional two-party form of tyranny known as Lib-Lab, where there is only a different approach to trying to hold onto power at any cost. What the truckies and their Alan Jones haven’t accepted is that the last elections actually clearly signalled that many electors were dissatisfied with both major parties, and voted enough Greens and independants to hold a real ‘balance of power’ when they moved as a bloc.

That’s democracy, folks, so get used to it. Actually a voting system based on proportional representation would of course give minor parties more of a voice and truly reflect the electorate’s wishes, but that’s a rave for another day.

Meantime, thank you to all those thousands of readers who have been imploring us to return KC to its rightful place in the media pantheon, and particularly as the mooted media enquiry and decline of the Murdoch empire leaves a big space and opportunity in this Wide Brown Media Land.


(Actually eagle-eyed readers will notice that this is in fact a black-shouldered kite, but its rather cute anyway)

*Tom Lehrer’s famous quote that irony died when Henry Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize comes to mind again.

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