Hello world!

Welcome to the re-launch and first edition of the new-look KC!

You may be wondering why Kookynie needs a new voice, and even wondering where Kookynie is. The new online voice replaces the old printed one, which had dimmed over the years, and computers are undoubtedly here to stay.

Kookynie is a thriving ghost town of indeterminate population size in outback WA, north of Kalgoorlie, and a hub of cutting edge political & social analysis. As for Gwalia, don’t even go there: it’s a hotbed of anarchist agitation.

The KC mission statement is to shine an Orwellian spotlight in the dark corners of our post-modern world in the promotion of truth and the American Way of Life (only kidding). Actually we hate mission statements and managerial-speak, so forget that too.

The newsroom in the back bar of the hotel will leave no stone unturned – no, not the hoary old ‘no turn unstoned’ joke, as we don’t approve of recreational drugs and only moderate alcohol consumption – in the search for metaphorical goldfield nuggets of clarity, perspicacity and wisdom.

Editorial policy is simple: anything goes.  Don’t spare the horses.

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