Kooky Courier Made Simple!

Ok, listen up you mob, time for some simple housekeeping.

At great expense, the ’email subscription’ button has been moved up in the right hand column, just over there. We hope to enhance your customer experience (oh yeah!) and lifestyle choices. Click on that button and you will automatically receive, free of charge, an email of the latest exciting posts on KC. How easy and cool is that! Pathetic really that KC’s marketing department suggested those two words to get your attention, but hey let’s go with the modern flow.

If you have any problems or comments, please let us know. We love feedback. But if you can’t handle the subscription button then you really have been spoonfed in a previous life, and need to take responsibility for this one.

Whilst on the subject of  responsibility, our ethical readers may be surprised (or not) to learn that others discover KC by googling words about naked little boys & sex. A salutary lesson about the power of the internet, since it relates to a Nov 2009 post on Sculptures by the Sea and controversy around a fibreglass sculpture of a small boy. KC editors considered removing the item from our online archives, but self-censorship is a slippery slope, if we’re always fearful of dreaded paedophiles. And in this case, the last laugh is on them anyway. But you guys (mostly men, I suppose!) had better watch out, as we could consider discussing your ‘looks’ with Kookynie’s finest (constabulary, that is).

Meantime, everybody else please settle back and enjoy the KC ride (by bicycle or shanks pony only) through these troubling but endlessly fascinating times. As my dear ol’ dad would say, you wouldn’t be dead for quids!

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