Abbott’s Demolition Derby

The Abbott Federal government was quick out of the starting box in its environmental demolition derby. Any government body with climate or science in its name is good for the chop. As are annoying environmental protections, now known as red tape. Of course approval processes for development applications, aka mining, have to be streamlined. Already Abbott’s mob has an impressive list of all the above, but they ain’t done yet.

No Science minister in the Federal cabinet.  Climate Commission abolished.  Ditto the Climate Change Authority.  Legislation to abolish the carbon price.  Ditto Federal environmental safeguards for biodiversity.  Murray-Darling off the threatened ecosystems list.  Rolling back no-fisheries provisions in Australia’s marine national parks.

Review, that is reduce, Australia’s renewable energy targets.  Approval of the world’s largest coal port construction near the Great Barrier Reef.  Cuts to CSIRO staff scientist numbers.  Abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.  Extract 74,000 hectares of World Heritage listed Tasmanian forest for logging.

Wait till Abbott’s merry band of environmental thugs really get in their stride, and pull the whips. We’re all in for a rough ride, so this list will no doubt grow much longer. Unfortunately Abolish Abbott day is three years away!

Abbott abolition

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  1. Your Kookynie correspondent has identified the reckless and appalling environmental ‘achievements’ of the Abbott government…we can only hope that the electorate experiences enough ‘wake-up calls’ over the next few years to make your anticipated ‘Abolish Abbott day’ a reality. Other correspondents have detailed the environmental policy devastation in somewhat more detail – see for example:

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