Woebegone Woody

In the chatter about whether Our Cate deserves an Academy Award for her role in Allan Konigsberg’s latest film Blue Jasmine, critical voices have been rare. But Alan Stokes skewers it perfectly: “dull, miserable, one-dimensional Woody Allen”. Oh yeah, for some reason as a young man Allan K changed his name. Already suss? Wow, Allan, Alan and Allen all in the first paragraph.

Our Alan adds the icky factor over Woody’s child molestation scandal, with echoes in the film. I had no empathy for Cate’s character Jasmine, and like Alan, found no redeeming features in her or the story. I’m not a fan of Allen’s work, which is often painfully over-wrought, unfunny, obvious and unenchanting.

Since Annie Hall I’ve avoided his films, with occasional viewings to re-test my objections, but never found reason to change them. I relented this time because of the hype over Our Cate’s performance, but Blue Jasmine’s no exception. Except it doesn’t try to be funny.

Read Our Alan, as he adds it all up to a definitive NO vote for Our Cate’s award.

Apologies for the alliterative woes of Woody, and Winton recently, but KC’s charter is to call them as I see them, particularly if it goes against the flow.

Old woody 2


  1. I agree. Boring. Depressing…….but before you rate this as intelligent comment, note that I like rollicking advemtures, romance, a strong hero/villan and…….wait for it……..A HAPPY ENDING.

  2. The heroine isn’t supposed to have any redeeming features. That’s the whole point. I don’t like all his films but he has his place . As for Mia Farrow and her charges ,it’s 20 years ago get over the revenge syndrom.

  3. I don’t know, what do you think?

    Lots of people coming forward in our Royal Commission on Institutional Child Abuse are recalling events from +20 yrs ago, involving priests et al.

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