‘Good Neighbour’ Fencing

KC editorial policy is firmly opposed to advertorial sleight-of-hand, but sometimes a product comes along that has such massive consumer benefits that we throw the policy overboard. Like asylum seekers and their children. Hmm, maybe not exactly the same, but anyway.

Have a geeza at Good Neighbour fencing and you’ll also be bowled over (board?). The classic design and variety of colours get a big aesthetic tick, with such stylish post-modern brutalism. The maintenance-free colorbond is so practical and suited to our global-warming Aussie environment, keeping those pesky breezes at bay. And nature, of course. But the real appeal is the perfect 1.8m fence height, cleverly calculated to exclude all but the tallest humans from gazing in and spoiling that oh-so-important privacy.

Orstralians are buying into this unbeatable combination of aesthetics and practicality in their millions. Good neighbours are being fenced in (or off?) in every new housing estate, as well as retro-fitting older burban mansions. No wonder we reckon those asylum seekers have it good behind their barbed wire fences, maybe the ultimate Good Neighbour product? Perhaps Kookynie needs to replace some of those rusty old corrugated iron sheets with a fencing make-over? Living the Australian Dream!


Good Neighbour Fencing

Good Neighbour fencing 2


  1. Hey Peter Despite the trend of high fences – there are some trying to reconnect with neighbours – asking them to step out and actually talk to one another. Give me a call if you’re interested in hostng a Neighbour Day function in and around the Waverley LGA Sunday 30 March – http://www.neighbourday.org/ Council can help you with the event, BBQ, Morning/afternoon tea etc etc – please call me on 9386 7925. Cheers Colleen being official as Civic Pride Coordinator, Waverley Council

    Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 02:20:39 +0000 To: cogsc@hotmail.com

  2. I encourage you to buck this trend and hold a picnic, bbq or afternoon tea for National Neighbour Day on Sunday 30 March – register your event and then you can download posters and flyers to invite your neighbours to join you at http://www.neighbourday.org

    Get out, meet your neighbours and have a chat.


  3. Thanks Colleen,appreciate your input. But what about the neighbour who can’t stop talking and button-holes me any time he sees me? He would definitely spoil the party!

  4. Well he’s probably wanting to talk to you about something important (to him)…..we’re supporting a few local BBQ’s around Bondi – just saying there’s an opportunity to DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE LACK OF NEIGHBOURLY LOVE….so if you’re interested in jumping the Fence and sharing a cup of sugar then email me civic.pride@waverley.nsw.gov.au

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