‘Smoke Gets in Your Lungs’

In the song it gets in your eyes, but long term the lung thing is not good for our health!  Bushfire smoke regularly covering Sydney and other parts of eastern NSW is no accident, folks, I have to inform you.

Mother Nature has hit on an effective strategy for getting our attention. Particularly our compatriots with their heads in the sand or up their derrieres or disengaged from thinking about the future of the world. Bringing smoke into the city so thickly and for long periods is genius, as the message seems to be getting through.

In the 70s we talked about ecology when we realised everything in the natural world was connected. Put simply, what goes around comes around. So, yeah, massively burning coal, destroying forests, heating the planet and consuming stuff endlessly, etc, etc, has consequences.

Which are now affecting our bodies in the air we breathe. It’s unavoidable unless you stay in a filtered, air-conditioned space. The long term effects of breathing fine dust particles are very deleterious. We’re all feeling it now personally and directly. Of course nobody wants to see asthmatic suffering, but we declared war on nature and her fightback doesn’t discriminate.

And there is no quick fix beyond hoping that rain will eventually quell the raging fires, and then hoping for more. But that’s only for this ‘fire season’. What about next year?  Hopefully the wake-up message won’t be lost in more political obfuscation, otherwise she may get really angry. 

And remember, Mother Nature does not negotiate!

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