Republican Party Mea Culpa

Stuart Stevens is a Republican ‘consultant’, whose book about the Republican Party, It Was All a Lie, will be published next month. 

Recently in the Washington Post (and SMH) he confessed he looked the other way, as “the party aided and abetted Trump’s rise to power, and how the party became dangerous to America”.

“The government’s failures in response to the coronavirus can be traced to toxic fantasies dear to the Republican Party. Government is bad. Establishment experts are overrated or just plain wrong. Science is suspect. And we can go it alone, the world be damned. All of these are wrong, of course. But we didn’t get here overnight.” 

“Now we are in a crisis that can be solved only by government intervention. That’s awkward.” 

The party “became anti intellectual, almost reflexively opposed to knowledge and expertise”, and culminating in the nomination of a reality-TV host as their candidate. 

“It’s not some fiery, anti-Washington populist who is going to save lives; it is more likely to be someone who has been studying this stuff for decades.” 

“What is happening now is the inevitable result of a party that embraced fear, weaponised xenophobia and regarded facts as dangerous, left-wing landmines.” 

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  1. Heard the interview on lnl tonight with Julia Ebner on infiltrating terrorist groups, esp alt-right in her book Going Dark. Makes me wonder if that somehow is the primal underbelly behind the changes mentioned in this article. What gives rise to them, makes them a response, not first mover. I have seen at first hand how anomie seeks and finds community and the make believe of a secret certainty. What is the gel that holds us together, as individuals and society despite uncertainty, but without rule-bound coercion, not just as a forager-band in training, as martyr or as ubermensch,the true slaves of ideology? How can we love? The process of really seeing and being present with, in a detailed way, permeable to whats happening in front of us, maybe.
    The Republican Party he mentions and all those things, must be founded on radically unseeing, whilst looking everywhere in VR goggles.

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