Facts & Science

The U.S. Buffoon-in-Chief said last Friday: “The facts are going to determine what I do”.  Such gross irony was apparently unintended. He was talking about getting America back to ‘business as usual’, which is actually a state responsibility. Exactly what kind of facts he had in mind is another matter entirely. 

Trump has been showcasing himself in press conferences with Dr Anthony Fauci, an immunologist and his epidemic adviser. Fortunately Fauci has been recently telling the inconvenient truth of the President ignoring his warnings back in February about the upcoming pandemic effects on America. Clearly Trump has blood on his hands.

Here we are heartened by the recent conversion of our PM from science-denier-in-chief to avid follower of the advice of medical experts in framing our government’s pandemic response. At press conferences Scotty is seen alongside Dr Brendan Murphy, Chief Medical Officer, and deferring to the good doctor’s knowledge and judgement.

I have this dream, that post-pandemic Scotty will have learnt the benefits of accepting the science and expert advice. I see him backed by an expert panel of our climate scientists, announcing a raft of new policies to meet carbon pollution reduction targets, close coal-burning power stations, stop land-clearing, unapprove Adani, etc.

No, don’t wake me up!

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