Mask Matters

Inspirational Elizabeth Farrelly explains eloquently (SMH Aug 8-9) in this pandemic-protection era, the meaning and transformative qualities of masks, the resulting literal loss of our public face and various projections of our personality. Inter alia, not long ago religious veils and masks were unacceptable. 

The word ‘person’ derives from the name for the clay or bronze mouthpiece in ancient Greek theatrical masks, designed to project the actor’s voice: ‘persona’ from Latin personare, meaning to sound through. How interesting, thanks Elizabeth!

On the same weekend another sage, social researcher Hugh Mackay, also tackles (‘Hiding in Plain Sight’ in The Weekend Australian Magazine) the central question of identity and the examination of the inner self, often hidden from view behind a socially constructed ‘personal identity’. More masks. Prolific author, Hugh’s edited extract is from his new book ‘The Inner Self – the Joy of Discovering Who We Really Are’, out this week.

Funny you should mask!  Just saying.

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