Map of the Universe

The Map has been a permanent adornment at the KC newsroom for many years, and smile-making inspiration for our happy band of hard-working journos. It’s creator Phil Somerville dropped by recently to explain its origins:

I did ‘Map of the Universe’ as a gentle mockery of map-obsession and its graphic design. That notion was quickly lost because readers saw their own truths in it, a normal response to humour, and I never reject anyone’s interpretation. At a psychological level I suppose I was feeling a little powerless that week and wanted to sublimate by crafting the entire Universe in a 13 by 14 centimeter rectangle. No profession is without its own flavour of arrogance.

Like Phil we’re all totally into interpretations here in the newsroom – some think the Map refutes the notion of an ever-expanding universe as it clearly has a frame; others imagine it’s just a snapshot of one parallel universe with others out there waiting for him to draw; and some just think it’s hyper-reality or some such.

Cartoon by Phil Somerville. See

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