Berlin & Beyond

Kookynie may be a thriving hub of cosmopolitan life, but after two years of pandemic confinement your International Affairs correspondent and his collaborator gratefully spread their wings on a two month assignment on the Vieux Continent, otherwise known as Europe.

Regretfully we came back, safely without covid, with a few yarns to tell, and of course loads of insightful analysis. Whilst away we voted federally (at the Australian Embassy Paris), and a highlight of our return was undoubtedly the Scotty-free air we breathed on arrival.

More verbiage to come later, but meantime some pics for a soft re-opening. Most of the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, but they left a section standing, known as the East Side Gallery because of its murals, which have been refreshed over the years. Always fun to check it out.


  1. Hi Peter, welcome back and thanks for the Berlin images which brought back old times, Althea are post 89. I spent 2 months on Gotenstrasse 62 in schoneberg in 1981 when the squatting movement was in full swing and we marched against Pershing missiles. I wonder if they will March against the equivalent in byelorussia? Blocs Bargeld used to collect post from the cafe nearby where it was held above the bar. Amazing time. All the best to you both, Chris

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