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Venturing afar in godzone to Central Queensland revealed some surprises, pleasant and otherwise. Home of the iconic alcohol made from local sugar, Bundaberg has a proud bogan reputation, displayed in a main street shop selling bogan artefacts. Possibly tongue-in-cheek.

CQ denizens raised on Bundy rum seem particularly fond of consuming it in cans mixed with coke as they roam the countryside. The nature-loving bogans seem to think the cans are bio-degradable as they throw their empties away everywhere with abandon. Curiously, maybe they are right. At least for the labelling, as after some outdoor weathering the Bundy label fades. Pity about the indestructible aluminium though.

In beautiful coastal Byfield National Park north of Yeppoon, out from Rockhampton, Bundy cans litter every bush track. Of course bogan-bashing is easy sport, but in this case the locals need a huge kick up the derriere. Or positive behaviour change as we like to call it now.

Maybe the marketing gurus at Capricorn Coast Tourism should consider re-naming it the Can Coast, as they already have a Tin Can Bay.

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