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‘Nobody beats Dan Murphy’s’ use of socially-inappropriate double-page press adverts promoting liquor purchases for Father’s Day. Dan says: “Buy Dad What He Really Wants this Father’s Day”, and offers loving children the opportunity of purchasing a gift card for dear Dad.

So Dad can stock up on his own choice of scotch, bourbon, bundy, liqueur and cases of beer. For example, the special offer 24 bottles of Crown, Heineken, Stella or Beck’s for $39.90, unfortunately limited to only 5 cases per customer!

Then Father can really get stuck into some serious drinking, after opening his gifts of Abba Greatest Hits CD, multi-pouch tool box & socks, and maybe indulge in domestic violence around the BBQ.

Who said Australia is a country of functioning alcoholics? Dan should hang his head in shame for piggybacking on this sacred day. And remember karmic Murphy’s Law will catch up with him one day.

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