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Now we all vaguely understand that computer program language is based on lots of zeroes and ones somehow alternating at amazing speeds, so that we can do online banking, muck around with Facebook and other internet stuff. A convenient extension of our social and economic selves to be sure.

However a new Australian political variant poses a fundamental and worrying question about whether the human cost of this binary universe is too high, particularly on the far right of the spectrum. Evidence is accumulating with the launch of a political party tagged Australia First, which may be inspired by One Nation.

When considered with Family First, it seems that far right adherents have developed an obsessive fixation with One and its adjective ‘First’. Could this be religious, as in The Blessed One, or does it imply exclusion, of the Other?

History in the 20th century shows that politics built on notions of  a binary world can easily take on totalitarian forms of ‘us and them’, and threaten our Australian way of life. What happened to the beauty of second or third, both respectable silver or bronze medal-winning positions in our Olympic records? And the great Aussie tradition of a ‘fair go’ for the underdog?

Emphasis on First and One is therefore unAustralian and flies in the face of our proud sporting traditions, not to mention Anzac history, where we came repeatedly second or even dead last. Its political manifestation will be rebuffed by all patriotic citizens of the Wide Brown Land.  OY! OY! OY!

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