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Earlier this year Cadbury downsized 250g chocolate blocks to 200g, but changed to cardboard packaging that looked the same size. Retail prices have not fallen accordingly. Removal of a Federal government levy made milk cheaper. Are input costs of cocoa and sugar up? Profits remain chock-a-block.

Trish Hyde, chief executive Confectionery Manufacturers Association, stated: “The entire industry is doing it voluntarily. We are reverse-engineering our portion sizes in order to better align them with how much it is responsible to eat” (SMH July 30). Truly a statement of Orwellian proportions!

Maybe reverse-eating could now be tried to overcome the effects of all that irresponsible over-eating by millions of consumers over previous decades. 

Dream_220g-3D[1]Check here for some visual details.


And tell ’em they really are dreaming!

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