Plastic Jacko?

Anatomist Gunther Von Hagens, who is renowned for embalming cadavres in polyurethane, reckons he had an agreement with Michael Jackson to plastinate the singer’s body in a moonwalk position and display it with his plastinated chimp Bubbles. 

Actually Gunther’s original family name is Liebchen (sweetheart) so understandably he uses his second wife’s aristocratic name, given his predilection for artistic autopsy.

Now, it may surprise music fans to know that this would not be the first plastic pop star, as the French had one way back in 1978 and they managed to keep him very much alive at the same time.

Plastic Bertrand’s ‘Ca Plane Pour Moi’ was a one-hit wonder. Although bad in every respect it sticks in that part of a brain where useless pop songs remain for posterity. Check it on YouTube.

The refrain is hard to translate and rendered too literally in my view by some lyricologists as ‘it works for me’, but it’s more inspirational as ‘flying high’. French pop music is generally pretty crook, so like most Europeans they grow up on English language classics and weird exceptions like Johnny Hallyday. 

Meanwhile, good luck Gunther…nice try and great publicity for your next show!

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