Liberal Leadership: An Oxymoron

Federal Liberal Party leadership is normally not worthy of KC scrutiny, with more important issues to report, like Kookynie council elections and the new baby kangaroo health centre. But the flagrant unsuitability of Malcolm Turnbull and other Liberal lights as potential PM cannot be ignored.

The main problem with Turnbull is not only his lack of principles, policy and poor political judgement, but also cynical opportunism and posturing which reflect his character. Electors do not find it endearing or trustworthy, with his lawyer’s demeanour and constant negative spin. The ongoing Utegate debacle confirms this. Unlikeable and lacking the common touch, punters will not go for him. The lamentable apologia (disgraceful for ABC) and attempt to humanise Turnbull by portraying his difficult early upbringing in ‘Australian Story’ is further proof of this opportunistic mindset.

Alternatives also lack crediblity and popular appeal. In the same way that Peter Costello was not seen as PM material by the voters, despite all the articles and books written on that subject. His smirking visage did not inspire confidence or trust. Its not about policy or politics, but simply human nature that some people do not connect with the masses….viscerally or chemically!

Tony Abbott, known as The Mad Monk, or People Skills presumably because of his lack of them, is also not an alternative PM. His aggressive, carping character is unnerving and punters do not warm to him. Joe Hockey plays a jovial, avuncular role par excellence but lacks stature and gravitas for the top political job.

Further analysis of the ranks of Liberal Party hacks suitable for the leader’s guernsey does not throw up any hidden gems. So unfortunately the benefit of a strong alternative PM candidate and effective opposition in keeping the government under pressure is lost, giving Rudd’s team free rein.

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