Ruing Roubles: Eat Roo Too!

Russia has temporarily suspended imports of kangaroo meat from Australia, apparently following contamination concerns. Unfortunately that accounts for 70% of exports, so the industry is in trouble – increasing local consumption is the best short term solution.

We must all step up to the plate (oh, yeah!), and do our national duty. Skippy went off TV generations ago, hopefully leaving only a residual rump (mmm!) of sentimental anthropomorphic tragics worried about eating a cute talking beast. They can be helped with desensitisation treatment, where small exposures to the phobic object are gradually introduced in homeopathic doses.

Kookynie Meat Packers has already swung into action and come up with the perfect new product offering: mini kangaroo kebabs or ‘joey’ snacklets. Branded KKK for Kookynie Kangaroo Kebabs, national distribution will roll out of town once the road grading is finished.

Kangaroo meat is very lean, as all that jumping around keeps fat content low, and tastes a little gamey – in two words, delicious & healthy! My favourite roo recipe is simply to pan grill a fillet with bush spices until pink inside and served with taties, pumpkin & green beans. Washed down with a drop of pinot, naturellement. Bliss!

Coles et al have been selling kangaroo meat for a few years, and price hovers around $15 per kg of fillet, comparing very favourably with other high quality meats. Availability is okay, except when shelves empty due to the small quantity offered, so the old supply & demand equation is not always balanced.

The demand side is our patriotic duty. What could be more Australian than respectfully eating our national symbol? If the French had beaten Captain Cook in planting a flag here, we’d have happily eaten kangaroo ever since we arrived. The land would’ve suffered less with farms of soft footed creatures instead of hard-hooved beasts. Environmental conscience jumps (yeah!) ahead with kangaroo consumption.

C’mon Aussie c’mon: EAT ROO TOO! Good for the country and you too.


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