KC Good Living Guide

As WA’s only quality newspaper, KC aims to keep readers up-to-date with the latest in lifestyle trends. This introductory eco-living supplement (bio-degradable DVD available at your friendly newsagent) is specially devised for busy lifestylers. It will keep you riveted, or mildly distracted for about two minutes, if you read slowly, or savour every word and thought.

To make your lifestyle sustainable, meaningful, more fun and in line with TED-like values, follow this simple dozen living guidelines. Alternatively keep on consuming endlessly and mindlessly.

Cars:  optional, second hand, max. engine size 2.5L, and use sparingly.

Clothes:  90% second-hand; only new underwear, socks and shoes.

Furniture:  minimalist, 100% second-hand; think ebay or Council pick-up day.

Exercise:  running, swimming, cycling, walking, yoga and own exercise routine (no personal trainers); yeah, of course paddling is ok, etc.

Entertainment:  books, radio & TV (free to air), board games, sex.

Eating out:  no breakfasts – who can’t make muesli, toast, eggs, bacon and coffee; see cooking below.

Alcohol:  drink less, brew your own beer.

Cooking:  do cook whether you’re ‘time poor’ or not; wash your dishes without a machine.

Pets:  only working dogs & sheep, and cats OK if ‘done’.

Overseas travel:  long haul flying has a huge carbon footprint, so don’t go so far, and ONCE a year.

Electronic devices:  one music device and computer each; min. 5yrs ownership; then recycle.

Housing:  max. 100m2 space for two people, single 60m2. If you don’t know how big your abode is, you’re Australian. For essential renos, think embedded energy.

Eke!  A living epistolary that is ecological, environmental, empathetic, edifying, elegant, erudite, essential, ethical, exciting, etc. and sooo cool – the lifestyle that sustains the planet.


  1. ok peter, pretty good, not sure about dishwasher though, uses lot less water than hand washing and tea towels are grubby things. oh by the way I can see you brewing your own beer!!!

    1. Thanks Susie, great comments. Of course these are aspirational guidelines for us all, so beer-brewing is one of mine. The question of hand vs machine dishwashing is difficult, because you have to include the carbon footprint of making the machine too, and this short piece sums up the state of knowledge, I think: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/green-living-blog/2010/aug/19/carbon-footprints-dishwasher-washing-up. So it depends too on individual usage and circumstances, and can be line-ball for some.

  2. dish-washing, of course! not sure that counts, but another hard-to-calculate side effect in these freezing Sydney winter days would be: advantage of warming up those frozen typing fingers and hands after happy dishwashing in lovely hot soapy water! no dishwasher would help me there…

  3. A full-body dishwasher that one enters wearing multiple layers of soiled clothing, even bedding, and surrounded by last week’s dishes, would be highly desirable and green-friendly.

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