Double Irish Dutch Sandwich

What an irresistible menu item for multi-national corporations pushing national boundaries to avoid paying tax!  The Google people may not be actually doing evil, but they are up to plenty of dodgy tax tricks. As they flagrantly ignore the legal-ethical interface of shareholder value maximisation and social responsibility, or some such.  The Global Mail has an interesting, and simple, expose of how Google have their revenue cake (or DIDS) and eat it too.

The Indian government is apparently fighting back against corporate tax-avoiding tactics, which proliferate in the wonderful new world of e-commerce without borders. Even the fearsome weapon of legislative retrospectivity is being brought into battle. I’m barracking for the Indians this time, not the cowboys! Meantime, Australia seems to have gone to sleep at the tax wheel.

Check out Google’s tax takeaway favourite. When you’ve had your fill, google (oh yeah!) Apple with the same menu item, and you can chew on them together, as the little golden delicious also tried the DIDS recipe.

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