KC Resists Take-Over

Mainstream media have missed the real story behind Gina’s buy-in of Fairfax Media. With similar moves on KC’s share register she is in fact going after WA’s influential side-stream news organ, the Kookynie Courier. The Fairfax feint is camouflage to take the spotlight off the threat to our beloved village voice.

The bleeding heart liberals who make up the KC board are rallying against the move now that Gina’s intentions are apparent, and both of us are refusing to offer her a seat. Problem is that three into two doesn’t go, and with only two bar stools to share she wouldn’t be comfortable anyway. Plus she would occupy lots of drinking (sorry, that’s thinking) space.

KC editors are watching from the back bar newsroom at the pub, and dusting off the Olde Worlde Charter of Editorial Independence to display on the notice-board. That should do the trick! The Chief Editor (moi?) addressed staff at the Friday BBQ and told ‘em not to worry, as management has set a new strategy direction with a great slogan. Although KC started out at the end of the century before last, defending the rights of miners (see About), these days they’re big and mean (oh yeah!) enough to look after themselves.

KC hasn’t wasted money on paper since it went online in 2009, so readers don’t have to worry about this silly broadsheet to tabloid nonsense. Ahead of the game indeed! Talk of introducing an online pay-wall is premature, as we are just happy to have any readers at all. For kconnected readers a KC app will soon be available for your epad or androgenic (androgynous?) tablet. Remember, the latter should only be taken as directed by your doctor.

Drum roll for the new slogan, which we’ve acquired from the Sydney Morning Herald, circa 1831: “Sworn to no Master, of no Sect am I”. How cool is that! Actually we kinda borrowed it for a while. And it’s not really a new direction, just a ploy to show Gina we mean business, which is not hers. Go the Wedge-tail Eagle! Bringing you news & views since 1896, it says on the masthead.

On second thoughts, we could re-position as KC & Mining Advocate (like the old Newcastle Herald), which is okay here in WA’s goldfields. Hmm, make mine a schooner of KB (Kooky Bitter) while we strategise.


  1. If the KC Board has any genuine concerns about a takeover from Gina, please let me know as I’m sure I could cobble together a counter-offer that would be more attractive. I would wish to ensure that KC’s editorial independence is maintain (but I would wish to be wined and dined at all future Friday BBQ gatherings).

  2. Thanks Dick, will keep your kind offer in mind if pressure from Gina mounts. Meantime you have an open invite to our working barbie any time. Not sure about wine but there may be a cask left from last year’s picnic. Plenty of beer though. If you come by bus from Kalgoorlie, just get off at the Kookynie turn-off and we’ll come and get you in the ute. Cheers.

  3. POH..I like that photo of tin shed and idle cement mixer and old trailer..shows no activity…which is so comforting..in such a busy business minded country
    where the dollar rules

  4. POH when you say moderating each comment..do you mean filtering out the adverse commentators ? Or is there room for good healthy debate…?

    1. Definitely no censorship at KC. The moderation function is part of the WordPress platform, so I guess it allows control of any outrageous abuse. Most blogs and public websites have it. Check comments under our ‘Shoot First’ report back in 2009 to see adverse reaction. That was a KC badge of honour, and unfortunately I inadvertently lost a couple of other corker comments!

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