Facebook Free

STOP PRESS: Kookynie Courier unaffected by Facebook ban on Australian news.

Media watchers will remember 2012, when Gina Rinehart raided both Fairfax Media’s and Kookynie Courier’s share registers. The KC board resisted adroitly and resuscitated a SMH slogan from 1831 to help the campaign : “Sworn to no Master, of no Sect am I”.

Well, that ethos was already a keystone of The Courier business model. So there was no way that we would have allowed our independence to be taken by stealth by the likes of Zuckerberg’s sect. No Facebook news links for us, thank you very much. We rely on our discerning, intelligent, rusted-on readers, who know where to find their Courier. 

But if you’ve been unwittingly ensnared in the Facebook web, as in world wide, we’re here to help, with the launch of #FacebookFree. So pile on and get a life (back?)!

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