Blade Runner 2019

An apocalyptic description and harrowing experience of the Harbour City aka Sydney during the dark, smoke-covered days of recent weeks probably resonated with many of its residents, as they pondered an untenable future:

Mark Mordue: Taste the ash, see the pink sun: our dead future is here. (SMH Dec 11)

Harbour Bridge

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  1. Just too sad, that we have done and continue to do so little. 2049 is a good reference, so too almost all the philosophical end of 90’s anime which explored almost everything that is of relevance today and to come: geoengineering or techfixgone bad, transhumanism/cyborgs, machine love, encryption, networked dream machines, drowned cities, resistance. Bubble ecomomy, inequality. It didn’t end pretty, despite some moments of love. I alway think artists are the nervous system of our species, we ignore their visions and solutions at our peril.

    The solution, besides rational action in lowering co2 , was also meant to be the return to earth, to the land, but where is this now, Gaia is so mad (at us)

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