Kardashian vs Turkey

We have to temporarily suspend our strict anti-celebrity guideline, to recognise Kim’s strategic influence on world diplomacy.  Not Jong-Un of Korea, but Kardashian of Instagram!

The US Senate has approved sanctions against Turkey for its military offensive in Syria and purchase of Russian missile systems, and also finally recognised Turkey’s responsibility for the genocide of 1.5 million Armenians around WW1.

Our Kim, of Armenian descent, came out swinging on Instagram in support of the Senate position: “Please call your Senators NOW and urge them to vote YES on the #ArmenianGenocide resolution.”  I wonder how many of her 153 million Instagram followers took her advice. 

Ponder this: her followers out-number the populations of Russia and of Japan. 

“Denial is the final stage of genocide’, said Kim, using Gregory H. Stanton’s oft-quoted phrase. Elie Wiesel would have been proud of her.  

KC salutes you Kim…..okurr!

Armenian settlement 1915



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