Quarantine Groundhog Day

Rupert’s media have infected much of Scotty’s thinking, but KC hit the mark with our recent Zero Emissions Net and the PM was convinced. Only a week later he dropped his stubborn resistance to the idea, and decided that he preferred that Australia reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050, if not sooner.  Weasel words but worth noting. Wow.

ZEN 2050 as a formal target would have been better than just personal preference, but as head marketing honcho you choose your words carefully, to pander to the climate-change-denial-dinosaurs on your backbench. But it’s an incremental move in the right direction. Maybe some real emissions-reduction policy will follow?

So, flush with the success of our influence (c’mon, a week later he changes his stubborn mind!), we’re calling on Scotty again to intervene personally – to get his government to fix the apparent, ongoing problems of hotel quarantine management, which has been the source of new COVID infections in almost all states during the pandemic. It keeps happening around the country!

Professor Mike Toole of the Burnett Institute points out the weakness of a system based on casual security guard staff (with no PPE – personal protection equipment),  and inadequate ventilation which allows aerosol infections. He reminds us that in 2009 after the swine flu virus, a government review recommended that national quarantine standards be developed and applied as anti-groundhog day vaccine.

So Scotty, more homework for you, old buddy. Maybe dust off the 2009 report for starters, and give Mike a ring if you need some help. We’re backing you as always.

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