Zero Emissions Net

As President Biden gets the USA set to re-join the Paris climate accords and declare a target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050, alongside the UK and major European countries, Australia remains a stubborn laggard by refusing to do so. 

Hopefully our Chief Climate Recalcitrant, PM Morrison, will cop plenty of flak from the new administration of our ‘traditional ally’ to change his government’s untenable, zero policy position. And if Scotty still has that lovely lump of coal in the bottom drawer of his parliamentary desk, it might be time to quietly put it back in an old mine, as it’s definitely looking very yesterday, along with the coal-fired power stations.

For the country’s head marketing honcho, who was recently so adept at slipping in a small, inclusive word change to the national anthem, he could also adroitly find a way to add ‘emissions’ and maybe ‘net’ to his zero policy. And abracadabra we’re sorted!

Particularly, as the target is for 2050, what’s the risk? The PR benefits are huge, it’s all upside. That’s thirty years away: who will nag us then that we didn’t meet our targets, if there’s any humans left to nag? We can do any number of ‘roadmaps’ in the intervening years, and of course claim more dodgy carbon credits for something or other. It’s a no-brainer.

C’mon Scotty, no need to brief the ad agency on this one, you can do it singlehandedly over morning tea. Ok, I’ll give you a hand: how about Zero Emissions Net, just to be original and have a cool new acronym to show off? It’s yours, no creative fee or commission for me required.


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