Scotty COP Out

Dear reader, I know this is testing your patience with more anti-Scomoism, but alas duty calls. Our PM is a recidivist of the grossest political cynicism, and it cannot go unremarked.

At the UN Glasgow climate change conference COP26, our fearless leader plumbed new depths in his Mariana Trench of prevarication, with the launch of a glib marketing tool: Australia’s Long Term Emissions Reduction Plan

Commentators from all quarters have skewered the insincerity and superficiality of the Clayton’s non-plan. Scotty tried hoodwinking us at home with it, and then strutting it on the world stage (so soon after the AUKUS fiasco). The world was unimpressed!

So I’ll save you another of my rants, and leave it to Dr Nadeem Samnakay of the Australian National University, an academic specialist in public policy, or venerable economics journalist Ross Gittins, to nail the spin and deception of the plan.

Check the smug, insincere rictus on Scotty’s dial, as he waves his booklet about. 

Where the bloody hell will we be soon? Literally burning on our hotter planet, if the Pentecostal PM’s prayers are answered, with an upcoming End Of Days for us all. 

Nuff said, I’ll give it a rest now, and get on to preparing some cultural input for next time. 

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