Kennedy Kind

Well, for once Australia has scored big time against Germany (not to mention those world wars, of course). Nah, it’s not about soccer, but rather real world diplomacy.

The White House has announced the nomination of Caroline Bouvier Kennedy to the position of US Ambassador Down Under, which has to be a real compliment to her new host country. Previously US ambassador to Japan, Kennedy is also close to President Biden, who was mentored by her Uncle Ted for many years. So, it seems Australia’s diplomatic access to the highest levels of US government will go up a few notches.

Now pay attention, as CBK is the daughter of JFK, the US president who famously went to Berlin in 1963, and said “Ich bin ein Berliner”, which apparently made him not only a Berliner, but also a jelly donut (Pfannkucher) of the same name, in what became an ‘iconic’ act of Cold War solidarity with West Germans prior to reunification.

So, if the newly-elected German coalition government ever sorts out who wants to sit next to the bad, far right AFD parliamentarians in their Bundestag, they may notice that Australia has snaffled Caroline from under their radar. And she won’t get to repeat her father’s famous words in Berlin.

Instead, I have a dream, as another US leader once said. Upon arrival in Canberra to take up her ambassadorial duties, and continue the family tradition, CBK could announce in the forecourt of our parliament: “I am a Lamington”  

And here’s the weird thing: the two cakes are very similar, as the lamington with a jam filling is really just a square version of the round Berliner. Go figure.

With or without my proposed short speech by CBK, Australian politicians and media will be star-struck for sure, and her opinions and pronouncements will be sought much more than previous US ambassadors.  Maybe Biden has cleverly put the K in AUKUS?

Sorry Germany, but tough luck, Pech gehabt.  We still love you though.


  1. Je me suis permis de faire suivre ta chronique à mon amie Claudia de Sydney … dont je te livre la réponse:
    “Haha… only difference between a Berliner and a lamington is that the first actually is a place that one could belong to whilst the second truly is only a cake filled with jam named after a governor of qlds. So, no Australia, CK cannot repeat the famous German jfk saying. 🤣

    1. Not true! Lamington National Park is one of Australia’s many natural wonders and at 20,600 hectares is just part of the most extensive area of subtropical rainforest on the planet, found right here in Oz. It has a range of accomodation to suit all tastes and budgets. I’m sure CBK would love to visit and describe herself as a better class of cake than a doughnut if she so wishes.

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