ScoMo ScumBag

Sorry folks, for the vulgar epithet, but scumbag is as scumbag does.

Our erstwhile PM Scotty Morrison literally knows no shame. Hubris, monumental hypocrisy and pathological prevarication are amongst his other hallmarks. His electoral demise was a weight off our collective minds and spirits, and relief from his twisted, godly parallel universe.

But, quelle horreur, he’s back, in a weird, undead kind of way. Like some scurrilous recurring scurf on our brains (yeah, you get some gratuitous over-worked alliterations to play with today).

We recently discovered that while PM he had himself secretly appointed as Federal government minister concurrently in charge of five portfolios, just in case. After saturation media coverage, he boldly and very brazenly called a press conference at which he extravagantly explained everything away.

It was a bravura Scotty performance of self-justification: illogical, full of circular arguments and non sequiturs. Including, that people expected him to be in charge of everything, and so he was! Total bullshit. I’ll save my ammunition as John Birmingham’s descriptive tour de force does it much better. Gold standard.

Since then ScoMo has further indulged himself with some cool ‘self-deprecating’ social media scurf, where he makes light of his actions in trashing our parliamentary practices. Enough.

(Thanks to Anna for bringing Birmingham to my attention)


    1. Thanks Matt, on the money – so apparently there is an X-Men: Messiah Complex comic book, which is even more apposite.

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