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The Shooters Party has stymied NSW Government plans to privatise lotteries as punishment for the Government’s rejection of legislation to allow hunting in national parks, including for native animals. In a fit of pique the government locked the upper house of parliament, the first such trick in 180 years, and members have taken an early winter break, but that’s another story. Only in Australia could we imagine trading shooting for gambling rights – what an amazing nexus!

NSW’s unique domicile for a Shooters Party in a legislative assembly is something to be proud of. Understandably SP supporters get bored with shooting road signs and feral animals. What better place than national parks to broaden shooter horizons, particularly as they’re full of furry little animals, some of whom hop about and are not easy targets.

Dead kangaReports abound of a new offshoot (ha!) party with a more radical agenda gathering members around the country, including in Gwalia (photo), to run at the next election as the ‘Indoor Shooters Party’.
Watch out all those house pets!

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