Scotty, beam us up?

Hmm, we may have found a diagnosis for the apparently wilful ignorance (‘denialism’ is resting today) of Our PM in relation to climate change, renewable energy, press freedom, refugee mistreatment, going to war, etc.  

Apart from his pentecostal Christian beliefs, it seems Scotty (Scottie?) may have another psychological precursor to his ‘thoughts and prayers’ approach to real world problem-solving.

Thanks to Chris Uhlmann’s use of the term (SMH 20 Feb) to describe the attitude of apologists for China’s repression and abuse of human rights in its territories, I learnt of a very problematic human condition called scotosis.  

Apparently coined by theologian Bernard Lonergan, it means intellectual blindness, hardening of the mind against unwanted wisdom. From Greek skotos, darkness, and hence leading to scotoma, a blind spot, resulting from bias, ‘the love of darkness’, etc.

Well, as the great man (i.e. Scotty) would say himself: how good is that?  

The logic is impeccable:  Scotty suffers from scotosis.  Naturally!

I’m not certain, but this could be a ground-breaking discovery. The man is covered in blind spots too numerous to list. Problem is they could be terminal…..for the rest of us that is!  Will the next election cure it for good?

Son of Morris has nothing for us. But more scotosis. Ugh. Sigh.





  1. Scotoma indeed. Additionally ‘oma’ on the end of a medical word often also refers to some form of disordered growth best needing removal. Not seeing that photo is pure Scotoma.

  2. Thanks again Chris, that additional (real) medical knowledge adds grist to my mill, so to speak. The growth definitely needs excision!

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