Barnaby Blather & Bullshit

He is too much, and beyond the pale, so no beating around the bush (so to speak). Barnaby Joyce, the member for New England and ex Deputy PM, is a dangerous, demented clown. The voting punters in his electorate are recidivists who have a lot to answer for!

Where to start with his bullshit demagoguery? How about filming himself with his cattle, telling us that he wants government out of his life (doh mate, you’re part of it!), and that we need to defer to a higher authority in the sky to get things sorted. He has suddenly discovered something called a ‘changing climate’ and of course has solutions.

Things ‘practical and pragmatic’, like nuclear power, clean coal technology, dam building, inland rail construction: “things that are tactile’, not taxes. I kid you not. The man is an intellectual pigmy and a danger to humanity. I don’t think he understands the word ‘renewable’ and certainly can’t or won’t pronounce it. He is not fit for purpose or for public office. He makes Pauline look like Plato, if you’ll excuse the transgender mix-up.

What a blathering disgrace and embarrassment to the Federal parliament. He should be impeached (don’t we do that here?) for offences against our collective intelligence. As for dignity, I’m not even going near his very public private life. Like Trump, Barnaby is totally shameless and clearly at the centre of his own bizarre universe. M-A-D.

I could pile on more descriptors of him, but I better stop the rant here. Would some of you practising Christians puh-lease appeal to that higher authority to rid us of this pestilential presence in public life?

Barnaby 1                 Barnaby 4

Oh, and here’s another gem in the following week: a contribution from Joyce to the hot debate about the Great Australian Fire Season and future remedies:

“Have you seen a footpath on fire? No, because there is nothing there to burn. Have you seen a massive fire that kills people on grounds [where] there is no fuel load? People get terribly hurt but you can control it”.


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